Berghain outfit. Ultimate Berghain Guide: Third Time's A Charm at Berlin's Church of Techno

Was my cardigan too colorful? " I am sorry, I do not speak German.

Friday or Saturday night: If you must go at this time, cut the line from the left side, where the zig zag gates begin.

Although photography is banned, you can bring your cell phone with you to Berghain.

The least busy times for the Berghain are late Saturday night at least 3 or 4 hours past midnight or early Sunday morning.

Berghain — Practical Information Hours Two parties over the weekend — Friday nights until Saturday morning.

If you still feel nervous, try a quick or focusing on the music to calm yourself.

If you feel nervous, take a deep breath and try to maintain a calm expression and tone of voice.

Attend Berghain with older people, preferably around mid-thirties.

Berghain is an exclusive nightclub in Berlin and one of the most popular hotspots for electronic music in the world.