Gaming monitor test 2020. The 6 Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitors

Everything just looks more realistic. With an ultrawide, everything must reside in one display, or you need to make some sacrifices. Do you favour image quality over lightning-fast pixel response? However, casual gamers can get by. With the advent of 4K gaming monitors and their steady journey to affordability, this is an excellent time to get the highest quality monitor for all your gaming needs. Essentially it takes every feature we got with previous flagship ultrawide displays, and takes it up a notch. You need a colossal amount of rendering power to game at decent frame rates and such high resolution. Panel type: This is where things get a little technical. Um Ihre Spielumgebung wie Fantasiewelten oder den Weltraum ruckelfrei genießen zu können, sollte die Bildwiederholungsrate möglichst hoch sein. They're unremarkable, but they are there for those times you want to share an epic gaming moment with a friend in the same room, audio included. It also has a native 120Hz refresh rate and a two-millisecond response time.