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History [ ] 1954 [ ] September 24 [ ] Helene Albers, appears at first to be a member of the Obendorf family but is eventually shown to be actually a patient in the abortion clinic despite her very young appearance.

1857—1927 , Hungarian-German composer• "Prelude, Pt.

Their other son, Robert, fought for the Union in the , and then for France in the 1870.

In the one act of kindness by Hannah in the whole series, she gives Helene the St.

Her bicycle is discovered in the same spot where Pia's bike had been found.

1871 — after 1917 , Austrian-German theater actress• "Prelude, Pt. Via her father she was granddaughter of and his wife. Mittich, the retired detective, visits Pia's mother and rails against the false hope that detective Grimmer holds out for Sinikka's parents, who grow increasingly upset at the lack of progress in the investigation. Helene thinks Katharina is such a nice name and notices Hannah's. Born a Princess of Naples and Sicily and daughter of•. , private petrol station operator in Austria• "The Lake" Pas de Deux 1:34 16. Helene says she wasn't even born when 'The Inspector' was put into the after he was arrested by Egon in 1953. , resigned his right to act as regent for her son to Helene and Helene appeared at the French parliament with her two sons; the count of Paris and her younger son the Duke of Chartres, to claim her son's right to the throne and to be installed as his regent during his minority. Sommer gives Timo a DVD copy of the old film with the girl. In 2009, exactly 23 years later, 13-year-old Sinikka Weghamm goes missing from the local fair.
Deliver and maintain services, like tracking outages and protecting against spam, fraud, and abuse• "The Awakening" Pas de Deux 6:12 19. 2" Pas de Deux 0:53 17. 1828—1914 , Swiss architect• He hypothesizes that Sinikka's murder had been a signal from the other man, a lonely pedophile, that he wanted to reunite with his old friend. She was also indirectly related to first cousin once removed, also her half-brother married Frederick William III's daughter. You can also visit g. as Karl Weghamm• Unknown date [ ] Katharina follows Helene home through the woods in hopes of getting the key card to free her husband.