Anker usb c hub. The best USB Type

That little bit of effort can go a long way toward increasing the lifespan of the hub and the cable It can also be easily resolved with an inexpensive
Most Anker hubs, chargers, cables, and adapters come with an 18-month warranty Not all hubs and laptops can withstand the same power usage simultaneously
However, if you intend to use the hub in one place, such as at your desk, then size and mobility may not be huge factors Some Anker hubs also come with hook-and-loop fasteners or adhesive, so you can stick your hub in a convenient spot for regular access
Despite the relatively varied connectivity, you might be looking to add more ports in the form of an adapter or hub If you're still wondering which one makes the most sense, we can offer some further recommendations
Every Anker product identifies compatible and incompatible devices If we're making some suggestions All of these hubs and adapters for the make more portable alternatives to full-size , and you should be able to find something that suits your needs
Electronic devices are pivotal parts of our lives, but when it comes to transferring data and charging those devices, space can be limited and time is a factor Please if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message
Cable Matters has a cheap pack of three that are just over a yard long You can use canned or compressed air to gently blow out dust and use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol on the outer edges to keep the ports working well
It doesn't have the largest number of ports, but its wide-variety makes up for that The options rounded up here will do the trick without compromising the mobility of your Pro 7
One-handed use: This is often overlooked, but consider where the ports are located on the hub If the product is undamaged, you can return it within 30 days for any reason

Anker makes plenty of quality ones, including this five-port charger.

Best for those whose laptop has more than just one Type-C port.

Some ports are dedicated to transferring data or using a device like a gaming controller, while others are solely for charging purposes.

These might include a mouse, , thumb drive, smartphone, e-reader, , or flash drive.

The adhesive can also be used to cleverly hide your hub while still keeping it accessible by placing it on the side or bottom of a desk.

These are likely the most powerful hubs available.

Able to deliver up to 100-watts, the hub can charge up even the largest laptop.

And of course, it should work well and you should be satisfied with its performance.

Think of all the peripherals and monitors you could hook up to this thing! Some hubs allow certain devices to charge as well.