Steiner das eiserne kreuz. Breakthrough (1979 film)

. Zehn lange Jahre folgte FBI-Agent Archer der Blutspur des Superverbrechers Castor Troy. 1975• Literatur [ ]• In 1944 a German sergeant gets involved in an anti-Hitler conspiracy, and saves the life of an American colonel. . as Paramedic• Contents• Schnurrbart , Sie haben zu beobachten und Streaming Steiner - Das Eiserne Kreuz Ganzer Film Deutsch HD? Auflage 1955 Weblinks [ ]• He's given an order to blow up a tunnel. 1983 TV• In 1944 German sergeant Rolf Steiner is on the Russian Front where out of frustration he hits an officer. BREAKTHROUGH as it's known in Britain is a film trying to market itself as a sequel and I'm afraid if it resembles anything it probably resembles a plot device in DOCTOR WHO called regeneration where a Timelord can turn in to the same character with a completely different physical appearance and personality. . An opening scene that starts at the railway station, Rolf Steiner and Paul Anselm meet again and discuss their current predicament.
1975• : Krankenschwester Eva• Zur gleichen Zeit trifft Stransky beim Regimentskommandeur Brandt ein The final battle is extended, there is more footage of the American GIs attacking the town, the American tanks cause greater damage to the town
Steiner clearly sympathises more with the Americans, even to the extent of killing his fellow soldiers The film was panned by critics, who identified a confusing plot, poor dialogue, an aged cast and undistinguished acting
Trivia [ ] Bei der Musik, die dem minutenlangen Vorspann unterlegt ist, handelt es sich um eine Komposition aus dem Kinderlied und einer Variation des : Hauptmann Kiesel Regimentsadjutant• as General Webster• Inhaltsverzeichnis• 1956• alias Robert Rietty : deutscher Soldat Feldwebel• : russischer Kindersoldat Michail Gefangener• The film starred several big names including , and
In 1944 a German sergeant gets involved in an anti-Hitler conspiracy, and saves the life of an American colonel 1979• 1976• When the plot to kill Hitler fails, the surrender plan is in jeopardy
in der englisch• Er kann zwar den Feind aus der Stellung vertreiben, kommt aber dabei ums Leben 8mins approx• Steiner shoots GIs whilst trying to defend the townspeople
When Steiner returns to German lines, the scene where he meets his new platoon is longer and includes introductions to new comrades Rothe, Dorfmann and Keppel 1967• All he had to do was connect a wire to a plunger and blow the tunnel up which seems beyond his capabilities
alias Bata Kameni : Gefreiter Josef Keppler Ordonnanz• Willi Heinrich: Steiner — Das geduldige Fleisch bei englisch• , abgerufen am 2
as Colonel Rogers• In: Arrives at he tunnel , staggers down the tunnel no doubt looking for the nearest drinks cabinet , staggers alongside a Soviet tank , drops a grenade in the tank , and gets back in to his truck looking for the nearest bar
Steiner and Anselm meet up with Corporal Kruger before returning to the station Rolf Steiner ist mit seinem auf Patrouille
1971• The picture is an unofficial sequel to 's , and includes several characters from that film Regisseur Peckinpah legt die Betonung jedoch eher auf Actionszenen
Der Roman von Heinrich arbeitet dieses Motiv jedoch viel deutlicher heraus als der Film. 1977• Produktionsland Originalsprache Erscheinungsjahr 132 Minuten 16 Besetzung• Cast [ ]• as General Hoffmann• as Major von Stransky• In fact if this is the standard of the average Wehrmacht soldier the Soviets must be glad they didn't have to fight any Italian conscripts I'm being very kind here because I awarded BREAKTHROUGH four out of ten on its own merits - not as a sequel to CROSS OF IRON in which case it would have been awarded minus points. : Marga russische Soldatin• Verteiler : Rapid Film, EMI Films, Terra-Filmkunst Genres : , , , Regie : Sam Peckinpah Der Autor : Julius J. The supporting cast features and. 1968• 1969• Captain Stransky appears out of the station building and sends Steiner and Anselm to check out a railway tunnel down the line. Stransky ist sich sicher, dass Steiner bei dem Angriff sein Leben gelassen hat. In 1944 a German sergeant gets involved in an anti-Hitler conspiracy, and saves the life of an American colonel.