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Potvrdu o uplati je potrebno povratno poslati na mail adresu. American Express• One of the best cooling systems in the market, installed in the freezer compartment, prevents the accumulation of ice and frost. Kartice koje primamo jednokratno:• energie 323 kWh• Packages or pieces of frozen food won't stick to each other, keeping your freezer compartment neat and tidy. Display: LED display• Podaci za uplatu: Zrinko Tehno d. Brutto hmotnost: 118 kg• IBAN PBZ : HR3723400091110499116 SWIFT PBZ : PBZGHR2X IBAN ZABA : HR9623600001102764385 SWIFT ZABA : ZABAHR2X PDV ID VAT ID : HR83295967354 Hrvatska Posljednja izmjena: 29. 9:57 Povezani proizvodi• Diners 2. Inverter compressors are quieter, more durable and consume less energy as compared to a conventional compressor. Barva: Nerez•. Total NoFrost• 2021.
Maestro• MasterCard• They adapt better and faster to temperature changes inside the refrigerator, for example when the door is opened , which means less temperature fluctuations and better storage conditions for your food Netto hmotnost: 107 kg• As a result, you won't need to defrost the freezer interior and its storage capacity can be used more efficiently
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