Behind blue eyes original. Behind Blue Eyes

The middle section is where it really picks up and gets awesome. Contribute to Behind Blue Eyes The Who Cover Tab! And this sounds nothing like Limp Bizkit; Fred Durst's voice is really feeble, completely out of tune and sounds like a cat dying or something! I find alot of the music in todays culture sickining,and the covers are usally the worst. I guess the answer is a no talent assclown named Fred Durst. It's an anthem for almost all young men and how so much is expected from them. For example, I believe Hollywood Undead did a Zeppelin cover. Regardless of what everyone around him believes, he sees himself as a Jack-booted thug, which of course, he still is. Now that I got that out of my system this song is quite easily one of the more beautiful songs ive heard. It wasn't even close to the same song. Don't worry about the kids at your school. We were just a little too big for one house.
Sorry Fred, maybe if you weren't such an ass. There's a little bit of Roger and Pete in the song. In fact, Pete had been on an anti-child porn crusade for some time before his arrest, and was regularly posting information about his fight on his website. Even if he did it as a tribute, which I doubt since he changed the arrangement of the song, it shouldn't have been a single. Noone knows what its like to feel these feelings. Conveniently enough, Durst included a scene where he kisses Berry in the video.
I grew up in the 1970s listening to The Who, and I assumed it was a song about the struggles of being a closeted gay during a time when the only option for most gays was to live closted, Behind Blue Eyes It just listed other sites and contained images
After a while of extreme drug use, you feel no pain, and you feel nothing else, everything gets bottled up to an extreme level, you dont know how to feel, you get enraged but you don't know how to feel after a while, or just plain afraid to show it Hawks was not involved in the current study
The original version by The Who still grows on me today Before then, there were no blue eyes
People like Fred Durst shouldn't even touch real music Songsterr tab archive is collaboratively built and maintained by your fellow music lovers
I don't care who you are, rap and rock don't mix in the same band A team of scientists has tracked down a mutation that leads to blue eyes
I've ne ver heard that cover, and I never want too But come on people I cant change your veiw of music and life but read this and take it into consideration,How much talent does it take to make words rhyme? So when he got to telling the story of Jumbo in the Lifehouse project
Either way, even if you hate Bizkit's cover, the lyrics are beautiful no matter who sings them The lyrics to this song are great
I know Nirvana isn't classic, but they're awesome And depending on the amount of melanin in the , a person can end up with eye color ranging from brown to green
I was once discussing how covers are usually inferior to originals and heard a teenager suggest that this was an exception