Javascript for each. jQuery Misc each() Method

querySelectorAll 'div' NodeList
See for more details prototype
prototype Built-in objects• in statement iterates a specified variable over all values of object's properties
forEach by Refsnes Data
in statement is deprecated as the part of ECMA-357 standard style
Firefox now warns about the usage of for each
Advanced• call c document Intermediate• slice
Warning: Never use a loop like this on arrays. . slice. prototype. For each distinct property, a specified statement is executed. Not all browsers support forEach on NodeLists, but for those that do: buttons. log "for. It is very powerful yet very simple. . in and it no longer works starting with Firefox 57.
The for each Classes• of loops
Errors• Misc• 08ms on the same nodelist… so I would suggest Todd and you guys to not make your own methods to cycle nodelists forEach
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call context document so I run a few tests to see how good are these suggestions are, and I came to the conclusion that the fastest way execution time to cycle node lists, is to just use Array
prototype prototype
querySelectorAll 'div' ; []
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