Berliner senat corona. Berlin and Brandenburg to Ease Corona Restrictions Further

Der Landkreis Oberspreewald-Lausitz hat mit 5,5 die niedrigste Inzidenz. Libraries are permitted to open. Outdoor events can have up to 2000 participants with a test, or 500 participants without a test. The new regulation is to establish uniform rules for regions with high Corona numbers, where the 7-day incidence is above 100. Seit 23. All events: If people can't stay 1. You can also call :• Substantial Improvement In the past weeks, the situation in Germany, including Berlin, has improved substantially. This restriction on contact during sports and the testing requirements does not apply to federal and State team athletes, athletes in professional leagues and professional athletes provided that they train in compliance with strict hygiene requirements. This applies to regular meetings as well as private and commercial events. Self-employed persons with physical customer contact are also required to take a PoC test at least twice a week.