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2004—2021: Albatros• Phoenix Reisen is a travel agency based in , which also operates a fleet of cruise vessels under charter ocean-going ships and riverboats The Great Wall Marathon will put your physical ability to the test with its steep ascent of 5,164 steps
Chartered riverboats in Europe include MS Aurelia, Amadeus Diamond, Swiss Gloria, MS Magellan, MS Princess, MS Calypso, Rhein Prinzessin, MS Switzerland, MS Mecklenburg, MS Saxonia " Based on this data, it is possible for us to optimize the content of our website, to better support languages or end devices
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Be a force of nature at the inaugural event! The new company's first tours began in 1974 to popular travel destinations like , , The World Heritage listed fortification is the largest human-made structure in the world and symbolises sheer human strength and fortitude
1991 is in the fleet since 2006 Deutschland restarts in 2022 on April 22
In its history, Phoenix Reisen has kept the charm of a family travel brand. In the dead of the night, feel the rays of the midnight sun shining on your face as you soar through Greenland. Pickalbatros now owns and operates the cruise liner as a hotel ship. 2001—2002: Norwegian Star 1• As result, the company's Bonn-based staff consists almost entirely of non-smokers. Zurnieden 23-years-old at the time is still involved as managing director in the company's business today.

SS Albatros was chartered from V-Ships and Phoenix Reisen applied to the new vessel their house colors.

46 m 674 ft 1 in Beam 27.

In 1988 the company entered the ship cruise business under its own brand by the 20-year charter agreement on the Soviet Union cruise ship SS Maxim Gorkiy owned by Black Sea Shipping Company based in.

Running in the Entabeni Private Game Reserve of South Africa, you will encounter zebras, giraffes and antelopes.

70 m 583 ft 0 in Beam 25.