Homo rudolfensis. Homo habilis, rudolfensis A. sediba

Chimpanzee was also negatively correlated with all members of the Homo cluster.

The tooth rows of KNM-ER 1470, KNM-ER 60000, and KNM-ER 62000 are rectangular, whereas the tooth row of KNM-ER 1802 is U-shaped, which may indicate that these two morphs represent different species, or demonstrate the normal range of variation for H.

afarensis, but Au.

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Inset: stress of k-dimensional MDS as a function of the number of dimensions k.

rudolfensis had large and thick.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

400 for Strait and Grine [2004] versus 0. The third version of the dataset expanded the character sample to 109 discrete and 89 craniometric characters Strait and Grine 2004. habilis, but it is unclear how big this species was as no bodily elements have been definitively associated with a skull. erectus as a mix of ape and human specimens, and Cuozzo 1998, p. 2009 and even by Wood himself Wood and Lonergan 2008. Spoor, F. , Grine, F. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 207, 399-420. Because this early human had a combination of features different from those seen in Australopithecus, Louis Leakey, South African scientist Philip Tobias, and British scientist John Napier declared these fossils a new species, and called them Homo habilis meaning 'handy man' , because they suspected that it was this slightly larger-brained early human that made the thousands of stone tools also found at Olduvai Gorge. sediba.

rudolfensis to be human, Hartwig-Scherer and Brandt 2007 consider it a kind of ape.

The species of Paranthropus form a diffuse group separated from the remaining taxa.


erectus, H.

Additional taxa of interest include the Dmanisi hominids Gabunia et al.

For the remaining eleven taxa, 43 of 60 characters were used to calculate baraminic distances relevance cutoff: 0.

This is especially significant in this study, since two of the datasets analyzed were uninformative, despite being comprised of craniodental characters like the baraminologically informative datasets.