Luther season 6. Luther Season 6 release date, cast and plot theories — return may be movie, will Luther go to prison?

The lead actor Idris Elba Luther has done a phenomenal job in his role and won awards like Golden Globe, Critics Choice, and Screen Actors Guild for his performance.

Reed sets up Luther to be killed by the police.

What is uncertain is whether he is returning after Season 5 for Luther Season 6 or Luther: The Movie.

As of 4 January 2019, 20 episodes of Luther have aired, concluding the fifth series.

He said that he thinks about all the possibilities and theories to take things forward, but a spin-off is not one of them.

This means that Luther Season 6 might eventually happen regardless of whether we get a movie or not.

The prospective film was to be based on The Calling, with Elba, , , and set to reprise their roles from the television series.

His dedication is a curse and a blessing, both for him and those close to him.

For Luther, the job always comes first.

Therefore, Luther Season 6 would depict Luther on his quest for freedom and escape from the law.

The series has received favorable critical reviews and audience response.

Series one introduces us to Alice Morgan as well as other villains and shows us that she is a little different.

Schenk begins to doubt Luther's guilt.

Police used a trail of blood to track them but it was all too little too late.

Season 4 of Luther aired way back in December 2015, which means fans have had to wait more than three years to for the return of the iconic detective.

A two-episode fourth season was broadcast in December 2015, and a fifth season of four episodes premiered on 1 January 2019.

Many Twitter fans pointed out that the Season 5 finale ended in exactly the same way as the series began.

Was that psychic chic really seeing Alice or was she sister of some guy who was affiliated with the girl who had the stuffed owl? Both brilliant, both damaged, both dark souled with Luther siding with the light and Alice trying to seduce him over to the dark side where, probably, they both belong.

It also means that he will seek revenge from Cornelius and his gang.

To make matters more complex, the son of Luther's old adversary George Cornelius has gone missing and he believes the detective has something to do with it.

His boss, Det Supt Rose Teller , has strong regrets for having taken Luther back from suspension, despite having received advice not to.

The violence continues when Jeremy arrives at the house of the school teacher whose pupil he murdered in the first episode.