We are always on the lookout for new talents Fragen an den Vertrieb für Händler : Tel
Viele Spaß beim Anschauen unserer Videos mit Pauline Dohmen! « With this motto in mind, Eugen A We work every day to scale this success into fresh media topics, innovative media types and new media channels
Dich erwarten fünf Tangles aus fünf unterschiedlichen Büchern Media Partisans is one of the fastest growing media companies in the world
Children love being creative and discovering new things and are delighted when their efforts are crowned with success The Publishing House and its History »Free time is far too precious to waste! Entscheide Dich am Ende eines jeden Tutorials für das nächste Muster, dass du zeichnen möchtest
The books can be played several times and each time offers diversified escape-room fun for kids We do so by producing only the most relevant and unusual content for an international audience
Gestalte jetzt Dein eigenes Tile! They were hired not because of their origins or qualifications but for their actual talents and skills Wähle dafür das erste Tangle aus der Playlist aus
Whether on their own, in twos, with friends or the whole family, children will have plenty of fun with the KinderKreativ titles, which contain great variety, lots of pictures and also helpful hints for parents and preschool teachers In short, being creative helps children to grasp the world around them, while at the same time improving their powers of concentration and fine motor skills
Help us to continue to grow and become part of the Media Partisans team Ruhe und Gelassenheit dank Zentangle®! It is our mission to connect the world through stories
It is the strength of our team and its unique approach to creating and distributing content, that make us the first media company in the world to have ever gained a truly global reach within just two years after launching the first article The imaginatively designed books require no extra material but contain interactive elements that inspire creativity, so they make perfect travel companions and gifts
The titles of the section »living conciously« give inspiration for a mindful and happy life Every single story and video we produce reaches millions of people
Fertig ist Dein individuelles Tile! With its innovative ideas and keen instinct for the latest trends, frechverlag is not only the second-largest publisher of »how to« books in Germany, but also the leader in the market segments »creative manuals« and »creative books for children« New discoveries await them at every turn, and children have a tremendous natural impulse to experiment and try their hand at new things, such as needlework, painting, crafts, cutting, folding and sticking
Erkunde mit uns die Welt von Zentangle®! The KinderKreativ program gives them the chance to experience that delight and provides countless creative ideas for needlework, painting, drawing, baking and crafts Dein Trick in der Fan-Edition und die Chance auf 1
Dank Pauline Dohmen, Bestseller-Autorin beim frechverlag, wird das Nähen mit dem elastischen und besonders für Baby- und Kleinkinderkleidung geeigneten Strickstoff zum Kinderspiel! The Media Partisans are outstandingly talented people
The books from the Escape Cube series are the perfect family game and ideal for children over 7 years
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