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Production [ ] Production on Fifth Avenue Girl took place from May 20 to June 28, 1939. However, her basic goodness and sensitivity make it hard to lie to others. The only repartee that rivals Mary and Tim is those that go on between Tim, his mother and his dizzy sister. Troubled with union problems in his business and lonely on his birthday because his wife, Martha, is out with a playboy, millionaire Timothy Borden meets unemployed and hungry Mary Grey in a park and convinces her to help him celebrate at a nightclub. December 28, 1946. They get drunk, start dancing, and are spotted by a friend of his wife.

The screenplay was written by with uncredited contributions by the director and.

Mary and Borden, continuing their charade, are planning to "go out" again, but Tim has told Borden that Martha would like to talk to him, so Borden stays at home and sends Tim to take Mary out.

at the• His family - from inattentive wife Verree Teasdale to insouciant son Tim Holt to a giddy daughter Kathryn Adams drawn to the family's Marxist-leaning chauffeur - all ignore the day.

Mary and Tim come in, and Mr.

May 16, 1939.

Retakes took place on August 9, 1939.

Finally, Martha tries to convince Mary she has given up and they should all be friends.

Tim, hearing that Mary has been paid to play a part and has no designs on his father, runs after her.

5 Ounces• Mary is a smart girl and understands completely what Timothy, Sr.

External links [ ]• Working titles for the film were "My Fifth Avenue Girl" and "The Other Half". Inside, Martha cooks beef stew for Borden — his favorite — and they share a meal together in the kitchen, which reminds them of when they were poor and just starting out. As reported in 's syndicated column of July 27, 1939, the film in previews had a different ending: "The audience did not like the unhappy ending in Fifth Avenue Girl, starring Ginger Rogers, and a new one will be shot when Ginger gets back from Honolulu. Meanwhile, Mary tries to help Katherine with Mike, who does not pay any attention to the girl. The film is about a rich industrialist with business problems who feels neglected by his family, so he hires a young woman to stir things up. 14, n.