Net asset value. Net Asset Value (NAV), Formula, Example, Analysis, Conclusion,Calculator

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X Research source If you own multiple shares in the fund, you can multiply the NAV by the number of shares you own to learn the market value of your investment.

In simple terms, NAV is an adjusted net asset value reflecting the market values of real estate properties held by an investment corporation.

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Variable insurance and variable annuity contracts [ ] policies and contracts often are structured somewhat similarly to mutual funds, and they may vary in value as securities and markets fluctuate.

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Net Asset Value.

Because mutual funds pay out almost all of their income and capital gains to shareholders, looking at a fund's total annual return is a better way to measure its potential than looking at changes in its net asset value.

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Net asset value may represent the value of the total equity, or it may be divided by the number of held by investors, thereby representing the net asset value per share.

Financial Tools• Because they trade slightly above or below the actual NAV, active traders can capitalize on profitable trading opportunities if they can identify them.

Please also review information provided by the fund on its web site.