Gender neutral names. Top 50 gender

I refer to these as dual gender babynames.

Once a last name and then a masculine given name, is now more popular for girls than it is for boys.

Once primarily a boy's name derived from an English last name, Hayden started in the late 1990s.

These strange new doctrines would, to this day, be targeted at young children and attempt to convince little boys that they might not really be boys in places like Boston, where parents have protested the obscene and borderline criminal antics of teachers.

Parents are still considering it for both genders but it is slowly favoring more girls than boys.

Leighton Leighton has several spelling variations such as Leyton, Layton and Layten.

It has continued to remain a cool name for both genders and more and more parents love it.

The mere fact that you are here right now means you would be perfect fit! Lots of nicknames, like Terry, Chris, and Sam and Alex and Lou.

Our exclusive charts, below, both lay out the unisex names in general use and tell you what proportion of girls vs.

Parents will love this name for their kids.

Emerson Emerson used to be a more common name for boys, but is now becoming more popular as it ranked 143 in 2019.

It still isn't very commonly used for girls, but is used frequently enough that it's safe to call a gender neutral name.