Bands of brothers. Bands of Brothers

, an Australian children's pop group from 1990 to 1994, Eliza-Jane 'E. troops had landed on June 6, 1944. , a Spanish girl group of sisters, best known for the 2002 hit single, ""• III 1994• , ed. Tom George as Private White• , an American rock band who are best known for their 1995 hit single ""• The story of Easy Company of the U. They all came together in 1977 in the coastal suburbs of Sydney and cut their teeth playing the raucous pub circuit in Perth before returning to Sydney. , a Swedish electronic music duo from Gothenburg formed in 1999, consisting of siblings and• But more than being an American war story, it really is the soldiers' stories, as we see from the respect given to the surrendering Germans, who give one of the show's greatest speeches. , a five-piece bluegrass band based out of San Francisco, California• , an American country music duo from Muskogee, Oklahoma• New York:. As the first ladies of classic rock, the sisters navigated the fickle waters of each decade and band shifts, standing steadfastly by each other and going on to sell over 30 million albums worldwide. A collector's edition of the box set was also released, containing the same discs but held in a tin case.