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However, if the card has been deformed so strongly and lastingly that it might not be tournament legal any more, then it has to be graded Played Happened to me once, and I never managed to get the original review restored
The decision about that is taken based on your marketplace activities in the period between the block and your request What was real and what was a trap
They asked for cancellation and I agreed because that was obviously a mistake That means that somebody buying a foil card is probably even less inclined to look over an a-bit-too-liberal grading of a card
Those are some insightful observation and yes I agree with you and wonder if there are any scientific studies which examine this issue
MCM does nothing against sellers who very obviously offer cards in violation of their marketplace rules "NM, back EX" is not allowed to be posted as "NM"; neither playsets of different languages or sets So we asked everyone if they were fine with cancelling their orders and then sent out as much product as possible to those who were insistent on getting their hands on the product
Cardmarket is a platform where the vast majority of customers are players, and players are usually satisfied with Near Mint cards Both an ulimited lifetime unless you delete or renew them
Also I remember this:• Sellers get really fucking upset, especially the ones from the countries I alluded to above " Also people list empty boxes, full sets without mythics and stuff like that, which screws up chepest listings
After all the customer pays extra to get this version of the card
Not really scientific or anything but for example according to the incel-community in online dating culture the perception of attractiveness differs wildly between men and women. Make sure to point out the damage in your description of the card. Stamped cards A card obtained in the Limited portion of a Pro Tour or the second day of a Grand Prix usually will bear a stamp. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. shipping an incomplete order , good luck getting a refund that will cover all your costs e. How do you turn a list of problems into a percentage? ' in the email when signing up would matter in a "security" sense? The cards they've listed again are still available? I would advise everyone who received this email to double check their bank account information in their Cardmarket profile. Malte Milbrand, known by the European Magic community as Bigup Alters, has been doing gorgeous card alterations on MTG cards for the last decade. App Secret - Together with the App Token you also find an App Secret also known as Consumer Secret. . An Excellent card is usually in a condition where it is not quite clear if the card would be considered marked or unmarked if it would be played in a tournament without sleeves.