Covid test center. Hillsborough County

After taking the test, you will be given information on what to do while you await the results. For safety and capacity reasons, we do not recommend you arrive earlier than your 5-minute time slot. Testing was such a challenge across specialties, they decided to organize as a provider community to help remove barriers and to get ready to scale. Some people have reported it feels like getting water up your nose. We ask that you cancel 12 hours before your appointment. For this reason, all negative tests must not decrease your vigilance and you must continue the precautions you are using to stay safe mask, socially distance, and wash your hands. The CDA walk-up site at O'Hare is accessible by public transportation, by foot and by car. Alternatively, if you wait too long to get tested your viral load may drop below the level of detection.
Depending on the situation, it may be recommended that you confirm the result of a rapid test by following up with a PCR test. Scheduling online in advance is REQUIRED. The specimen will be collected from the car or at a walk-up depending on the site. To ensure that Hillsborough County is following federal guidance on COVID-19 coronavirus testing, health insurance providers are being engaged in the COVID-19 public testing process. People who do not have insurance will still be tested for free. Stay in touch with your doctor.