Google news fr. Google Actualit├ęs



To tell Google to do so, Go to the For You section in the Main Menu, click on any News.

The search engine will show you content that is legitimate and accurate for your search query on top.


Go to For You on the homepage of your Google News app and click on the More button then, Like to see more similar stories and Dislike to stop seeing such news.



Its strategy is focused on innovation and development in high-growth potential regions and emerging countries. So, personalizing Google News to fit your interests is a great way to get more relevant stories. lequipe. googleusercontent. It also ranked as France's leading patent filer from 2016 to 2018. To get started, browse or search the web in a Chrome window, find the extension or app you want, and tap on the link. google. lci. However, there might be many stories on your Google News feed that you don't care about or is not relevant to you.