City döner steinau. City Doner, Mannheim

Visitors have been biting into crispy flat bread to their heart's delight since as long ago as 1986.

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Leider muss ich bestätigen, dass die Angestellten dort allesamt unfreundlich und genervt auftreten und das konstant bei jedem Besuch.

In addition, there's a variety of cold salads that change daily, stuffed aubergines eggplant , and other Turkish specialties.

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Die Pizzen sind ganz in Ordnung.

The road to Kreuzberg goes through Bagdad: the first doner kebab port of call at the Schlesischen Tor is the traditional starting point for long Kreuzberg nights.

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The Lale Imbiss opened in 1982 in Mitte as one of the first kebab shops in the city.

Stattdessen wird das Brot mit Grünzeug vollgestopft.

All meats have been slaughtered in accordance with Halal and the sauces are prepared by the restaurant owners themselves.

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Döner Kebap Iskender has been known as a dish for more than 250 years, but it was only in 1971 that Mehmet Aygün, the proprietor of this snack bar, had the idea of packing it inside bread.

Bewertung von Gast von Donnerstag, 22.

Not, as one might think, Turkey: the sandwich with meat, salad and sauces was first invented here.

Ich danke für das leckere Essen und den super Service.