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As of 2005 , there were 40 people employed in the and about 9 businesses involved in this sector.

It was open a total of 250 days with average of 30 hours per week during that year.

It is located 15 kilometres east of.

The name means the fields of the Rhine, as the town is located on the High Rhine.

After the Burgundians were beaten by the in the , Rheinfelden land, not Title, was restored to Austria in 1477.

In 1745, during the , the French made a fortress on the same ground and also blasted a portion of the city wall.

Over the last 10 years 1997—2007 the population has changed at a rate of 6.

In 2000 there were 5,437 workers who lived in the municipality.

Since 1982 the amount of agricultural land has decreased by 104 ha 260 acres.

Towards the end of the 4th century a border fort was constructed at the western settlement.

Our professional tour guides will take you through our brewery and give you interesting facts about the craft of beer production, our history etc.

Dazu reichen wir gerne Bier oder Weine aus der Region Für unsere Gehbehinderten Gästen steht eine besondere Auffahrt zur Verfügung.

Bernhard brought them weapons, but in the second action, on 3 March, they were victorious, as he and his men unexpectedly re-appeared on the battlefield; both Savelli and Werth were captured.

After a siege lasting several months, Rheinfelden was returned to Austrian subjugation in 1449.

Rheinfelden is home to the Stadtbibliothek Rheinfelden library.

Was das für das ganze bedeutet, kann jeder selbst ausrechnen ; Neben den Riesenschnitzeln und Cordon Bleus schafft es der Koch auch leckere Salate zu machen.

Apartment towers in Augarten, part of Rheinfelden As of 2000 , there were 682 homes with 1 or 2 persons in the household, 2,876 homes with 3 or 4 persons in the household, and 1,250 homes with 5 or more persons in the household.

±% 1788 1,226 — 1850 1,910 +55.


On 20 February 1802 Rheinfelden was made a district capital of the newly created , Principality of Frickgau , joining the in August, the point at which the city became decisively Swiss.

Die Bedienungen sind absolut authentisch und sagen beim Bringen der Pommes mit einem Schmunzeln, dass sie gerne noch Nachschlag liefern, wenn es nicht reicht ebenfalls mehr als ausreichend.

It is home to Feldschlösschen, the most popular beer in Switzerland.

Neighbouring cities are to the west, to the south-west, to the south and Möhlin to the east all in the Aargau ; over the river in Germany lies.

We are delighted to give more than 30,000 people an understanding of the background of beer production every year.

The city is across the river from Rheinfelden in Baden-Württemberg; the two cities were joined until Napoleon Bonaparte fixed the Germany—Switzerland border on the Rhine in 1802 and are still socially and economically tied.