Corona südafrika mutation. Corona in Südafrika: Mutation durchkreuzt Impfpläne

"It could happen again.

In den vergangenen Wochen hat sich die Corona-Situation deutlich entspannt.

That's due to something that epidemiologists call "founder" effects.

McLellan has studied how coronavirus proteins interact with antibodies, but wasn't involved in the Pfizer study.

variant has more than a dozen other mutations, which have not been scrutinized as much as N501Y.

What is unusual about these three variants is that they also have an additional constellation of other mutations in other parts of the virus.

Dann steigt der Selektionsdruck auf das Virus und die Escape-Varianten setzen sich durch.

This new variant is now found more often in places like Europe and the United States than the original form of the coronavirus.

Sein Einsatz wurde nun ausgesetzt.

Better transmissibility is already an advantage.