Etsy deko. Jewelry of Colette Deko

If in doubt, please contact us. For more Colette jewelry inspiration check my Bracelets from this look, you can order in my Jasmin- one of my favorite summer flavor. Not so pompous, but more natural and bohemian. Light brown Casablanca 2305 6. Crystal glass Frame colours 1.
Yes, in one of my secret board was all about things I would like to do- my own jewelry brand, flower shop etc Just like us 🙂 Fancy necklace for wild spirited women
Dark brown 2526 7 Check social media buttoms to know more about Colette Deko jewelry
Beige Casablanca 2302 3 Red Casablanca 2309 10
Find there more bracelets and earrings too Here some boho jewelry inspiration from me and my beautiful country Latvia
Habe selten eine angenehmere Verpackung gesehen, sowohl in Bezug auf das Design als auch auf das Material So Colette Deko creates wooden beaded jewelry with passion to colors and dreamy boho chic accessories
Dark brown Casablanca 2307 8. Dark Blue PIANO 12 13. My passion is handmade stuff, fashion etc. My old passion greetings cards are still in studio in ready to be shipped to some special person. Meine Nichte und mein Neffe konnten es kaum abwarten, sich selbst ein Paar Handschuhe damit zu stricken. Dark grey 2528 9. There is so much much options how to make things happen- make your boards or just search by keywords. Available upholstery and frame colours: Velours PIANO Shine 1. Bordeaux PIANO 06 7.