Brembo bremsen. Bremsscheibe

In diesem Clip gibt Sidney einen Einblick in die Welt der Bremsscheiben. The discs of the Sport range are specifically designed to minimise thermal distortion and disc warping even in the most severe operating conditions. Luckily Amazon makes returns simple and easy. Amazon needs to inform people that the picture will make them think that it comes in pairs when you order them. The product was ok and fits my 2003 Honda Element perfectly No problems so far. To guarantee the security of purchasing an original product and not a counterfeit, Brembo places the special inside each package of this product, with which you can check its authenticity online. Jetzt berichtet und informiert Sidney Hoffmann über alles rund um das Thema Bremse. Wir haben Experte Veit der Firma brembo eingeladen, um uns ein paar Einblicke in aktuelle Entwicklungen und Tipps für den Einbau zu geben.
The assurance of an Original product Brembo also extends the innovative approach that has always distinguished its products to its customer service and, first in its field, is capable of protecting their customers from purchasing counterfeit products Eye-catching looks and total compatibility All the discs of the Sport range are zinc plated, which improves corrosion resistance and also gives the car a more aggressive look
I returned them both instead of wait for another one to arrive which may or may not turn out to be the real deal A word of advise is to get rotors that come with a crosshatch finish on both surfaces
Therefore, I ended drilling the heads off the screws I Have been looking for a while for some rotors that are reliable and wont warp as easy as the ones that my car came with
Understandable considering the weight of 2 rotors in a box It also contained the two screws that hold the rotor in place
I realized this too late and luckily so The two screws that hold each rotor in place have a tendency to corrode and seize
Very smooth, no vibration and the brakes have a nice bite to them The most difficult part of installing new rotors was to remove the old ones
I have not tested them hard yet because I am following the 300 mile bedding procedure labeled in the box Er stellt verschiedene Arten mit Ihren jeweiligen Besonderheiten vor
The mounting system is engineered to permit a greater degree of both radial and axial float I bought some rotors that were slotted and I thought that it would work better but it didn't
With their advanced characteristics, these discs combine the advantages in terms of durability of the best street discs with superior performance suitable for moderate track use Available as drilled or slotted versions
After removing the disk the remainder of the screws came off easily by turning them by hand More flexibility and durability, at all temperatures For greater versatility and to increase their ability to withstand extreme stress, Brembo Sport brake discs are made from high-carbon cast iron for improved thermal and mechanical resistance