Camp 4 zweibrücken. USAREUR Units

Schloss Kaserne, Butzbach closed in 1992 and torn down• Hindenburg Kaserne Wuerzburg closed in 1994 and torn down• were not required to work, although they could volunteer Oschatz• For more on the Replacement Depot, see "
Camp located in the Friedrich-August Kaserne TSA encourages customers to voice opinions and suggestions concerning commissary operations
XX Army Corps Allenstein [ ] Mannschaftslager• Grossauheim Kaserne, closed 2008• Opened in 1914, the camp held 10,000 men Ratisbon World War II POW Camps [ ] 1944 map of POW camps in Germany
formerly Wiesbaden Army Airfield ,• Lazarett• Held 14,000 POWs Formerly a military camp, consisting of eight compounds of six barracks each
Stalag 343 Alytus Lithuania• , Kirch Goens built in 1952-closed in 1997 and torn down• Internierungslager : detainees queuing for Christmas dinner: painting by Nico Jungman• British prisoners quartered in the hospital there or Marine-Lager "Marine camp" — These were Navy personnel POW camps
Construction began last October and is due for completion next July US Army Hospital Berlin, Berlin closed 1994• Fryer Circle Housing Area, closed 1998• Documented in the book The Escaping Club by
A camp for Russians and Romanians, also holding British and American prisoners from 1918 or Durchgangslager der Luftwaffe transit camp of the — These were transit camps for Air Force POWs
Prinz Leopold Kaserne, Munich closed 1955• Rheinland Kaserne, closed in 1995• Ingolstadt Frankfurt an der Oder
2 Due to bad weather in Germany in December, the FLYING TIGERS were able to only make nine of the ten scheduled flights during the December lift Neubrandenburg• Camp for up to 4,500 internees six miles from Berlin located at a racecourse
Stalag II-D was the fourth Stalag in Military District II Wehrkreis II Germersheim
Previously, there was only one air passenger center serving Europe. Originally a sanatorium. The first four buildings Bldg 4000, 4001, 4002 and 4003 were designed for storing heavy equipment. " "We maintain traceability to the National Bureau of Standards," he said. Wistritz bei Teplitz• Gross Born• Located in a cavalry barracks. Auf Wiedersehen Bill Lee Source: Author's collection Repo Depot, 1951 Sonthofen 1. Paul Revere Village, US Army Housing Area, closed 1995, now• Coffey Barracks, closed in 1991• Neunkirchen.