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Audi's all-wheel drive quattro system is the standard layout and the only transmission option is the 7-speed S tronic automatic transmission.

Climate controls integrated into the three round center vents and lack of center stack screen gives the interior a clean minimalist look.

The engines are available with.

The spoiler can also be manually controlled by the driver via a switch on the lower centre console.

The main battery was also relocated to the rear of the vehicle in order to maintain weight distribution as much as possible.

Factory production commenced in October 1998.

At the rear, twin polished stainless steel oval tail pipes exit aside a new rear diffuser.

The second generation is five inches longer and three inches wider than its predecessor.

The Coupé has a kerb weight of 1,450 kg 3,197 lb , and the Roadster weighs in at 1,510 kg 3,329 lb.

Starr filed a class action lawsuit against , alleging that the for 1999—2003 Audi and Volkswagen vehicles equipped with a 1.

Output increased by 11 hp and 51 lb-ft for a total of 211 hp and 258 lb-ft.

History After its initial debut as a concept at the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show, the hit U.

The car went on sale in March 2009, with delivery beginning in summer.

The , and the fuel injectors have all been modified from the base.

In the United States, the S tronic gearbox was the only available transmission.