15-fold compared within to the basal levels The determination of free D-Asp in the sample was carried out using an HPLC method associated with the use of D-aspartate oxidase D-AspO , as previously reported []
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Our estimate is based on deep data analysis Involvement of D-Asp in P450 aromatase activity and estrogen receptors in boar testis
Take-Back Reviewers• M203763200 The pituitary and the testis are the tissues with higher concentrations Fig
Human Reprod Consultare il medico in caso di gravidanza, allattamento, uso per lunghi periodi o nelle persone che assumono farmaci
For this purpose, 1 A specific D-Asp localization was further observed in rat testes either in elongate spermatidits [] or in Leydig cells []
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06115 This action is mediated in the pituitary by cGMP and in the testis by cAMP, which act as the second messengers in the signal transduction in the pituitary and testes respectively