Unterschied apple pencil 1 und 2. Tablet mit Stift Test & Vergleich » Top 7 im Mai 2020

Of course, you don't want to try and use especially thick paper, but standard printer paper should work just fine. Denn vom Betriebssystem hängt ab, welche Software Sie nutzen können. There's really no clear reason to buy one of these new trackpads insofar as rank-and-file features go. Every other iPad currently sold by Apple has a 60Hz screen. That's a real plus for classrooms that could have 30 iPads in them and will save you having to remember which Crayon goes with which iPad. You can replace it easily by unscrewing the tip from the Apple Pencil and replacing it with a new tip. Overall, this is one of the best Apple Pencil alternatives which is also officially supported by Apple that you can buy. But I don't care what it looks like.