Cyberpunk 2077 ps4 update. LATEST Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.3: Release Date & Time, Out Now, Patch Notes, Bug Fixes, Stability Changes, Download Size, & More

Gangs of Night City• Perceived performance increase after editing the file may have been related to restarting the game Fixed various issues with elevators• Fixed an issue where Jackie could go through glass
Fixed an issue with weapon crosshair persisting on screen Maiko now correctly dies when pushed down from Megabuilding H8 in Pisces
22, Takemura will now teleport to Wakako's parlor Fixed an issue in Down on the Street where Oda could crash into player's car if it was parked in his way
Settings should no longer reset to default after several game session restarts Skipping time while in the club in Violence no longer results in issues with progression
Jackie should no longer use stealth chatter just before combat in The Heist Max Jones will no longer leave his room in Gig: Freedom of the Press before V comes in if V starts shooting the turrets
Settings should no longer reset to default after several game session restarts Fixed an issue where the Basilisk could clip through some of the trees
Various optimizations and improvements in shadows, shaders, physics, workspot system, spawn system, scene system, animation system, occlusion system, and facial animations system V will no longer be unable to move after finishing Gig: On a Tight Leash

Fixed an issue preventing player from saving, using fast travels, and talking to other NPCs after reloading a save with an active call with Frank in War Pigs.

Retro-fixed the saves affected by a rare issue where speaking to Judy in Automatic Love would be impossible due to an invisible wall.

Source: Version 1.

Rebel! As you can see below, CDPR has "multiple patches and updates" planned for the rest of the year and beyond.

Fixed an improper icon of the clothing item when looting body in Gig: Serial Suicide.

Fixed particle burning effect applied repeatedly when player stands in fire.

Delamain now only calls once when V is close to a lost cab in Epistrophy instead of calling each time V is in the vicinity of a lost cab.

09:00 August 17th - PST• Gameplay• Reduced vehicle appearance pop-in.

CD Projekt Red's most recent inclusion of DLC in this patch is not exactly the story expansion or additional side quest that some players expected either.