Oesch die dritten. Oesch's die Dritten

Turning her great passion into a career was never planned but more a happy stroke of fortune, as Melanie herself likes to say
Motto: A day without a smile is a day wasted! And: Always follow your heart! The most important thing for me is to get up in the morning and be able to say that I am looking forward to my day and to go back to bed happy in the evening As these events are very varied, key information and links to the individual event will be provided
Hansueli learnt to play the Schwyzerörgeli accordion at the age of eleven With Martin Nauer and Willi Valotti as role models, whilst still a young lad Urs learnt to play the accordion at the Einsiedeln Music School with Georg Schmied and later in Wollerau with Ernst Kaelin
With her many ideas and plans, in lots of areas Melanie is our creative thinker who usually knows how to make things happen too For about five years Urs managed the Alpenrösli Yodel Club, Einsiedeln and today, as a trained accordion maker, he runs his own specialist accordion workshop
We all know that it cannot go on forever with two generations on the stage — so we enjoy every moment Und die grossen und die kleinen Leute, kennen alle seine Melodie
Und doch warteten sie jeden Abend auf den schüchternen Jungen, der mit seiner Melodie so viel Frohsinn brachte Special points: Although it sometimes takes a lot of discipline, spending so much time on the road with my family truly feels like a gift
As a guitarist he is mainly responsible for the rhythm and good groove in our songs, which not infrequently costs him a string or two per evening To give you the best overview, our dates will now be split into various categories
As well as a comprehensive and varied programme, the concept also includes a stage set specially created by the group Die Leute habe nie erfahren, was genau mit ihm passiert ist - seine Melodie jedoch, die haben sie nie vergessen
All information is supplied without liability and subject to change Sie nannten ihn Banjo Boy - er war der Sonnenschein der kleinen Stadt in Tennesse und alle freuten sich, wenn er abends kam und mit seinem Banjo die alten Lieder zum Besten gab
At the age of eight he made his first appearance and soon he was very much in demand The competiton was a success, and the group released the album Jodel Zauber in 2007, which became a top thirty hit in their home country
Urs worked as an accordionist in the Philipp Mettler Band and, of course, in the Meier — Gwerder accordion duo, among others, and he still appears occasionally in this duo today Melanie At the tender age of five, Melanie appeared on stage for the first time and was already captivating the audience with her unique tongue yodeling
Sing ein Lied, sing ein Lied, little Banjo Boy, Banjo Boy, Banjo Boy Denn Musik, denn Musik, little Banjo Boy, Banjo Boy, ist unser Glück So ein Sing-sage-dige-dang-sing-sang unterm blauen Himmelzelt Ist das Sing-sage-dige-dang-sing-sang allerschönste von der Welt Hansueli Even as a little boy, with his charm and laughter Hansueli knew how to captivate an audience
Annemarie Annemarie, who was also brought up in a musical family, sang in the Konolfingen district youth choir for about seven years Her two published books, and are available from good bookshops and directly from our fan shop
Urs is a kind-hearted, wonderful and ever-cheerful person who expresses his love for music in the most varied ways With his well-developed understanding of cars, engines and technology, Mike is quite evidently our best driver and technician! Kevin Kevin is quite obviously the whirlwind of the family
Based in Schwarzenegg, Switzerland, Oesch's die Dritten was a family group, specializing in traditional Swiss music Wer seine Familie war, wo er wohnte und was er tagsüber machte, das wusste niemand so genau