Sonos musikbox. S2: The Sonos OS and Controller App


Start me up! Place an RFID tag on the reader, the jumbotron will switch from 'NO CARD PRESENT' to the id of the tag.

Returning to the product, on the back there are the volume, playback and pause controls as well as a hole where you can place the collected cable if you do not need its entire length to reach the socket.

All the projects that are used to create the projects that are used to create these projects• Power on your Pi• To fix them in place I used very long plastic expander anchors.

Regarding sound quality, the speaker has a woofer and a tweeter which together offer a pretty good sound.

If you used a rag to clean up excess oil then make sure to BURN the rag, as it might self-ignite otherwise.

For that:• You have to value yours.

For those of you running OS X och Windows, you will probably be very happy with the Airport Express solution.

You only need a speaker or device compatible with them to be able to control the Ikea speaker box.

The new Ikea product does not have many mysteries, but there are details that surely interest you.