Mercedes eqv 300. 2021 Mercedes

84 inches Front Axle : 166. ft Number of electric engines: 1 Electric engine 1 type: Permanent magnet AC synchronous motor Drive wheels - Traction - Drivetrain : FWD Transmission Gearbox - Number of speeds : 1st Gear Ratio: Reverse Gear Ratio: Final Drive Ratio: Mercedes Benz EQV 300 Long Battery Technical Data, Charging and Range Range NEDC : 418 Km or 260 miles Range WLTP : 363 Km or 226 miles Average energy consumption: 26. Well, quite a lot under the skin, actually, and less when it comes to visual differentiation. It has to be one of the most handsome commercial-based vehicles currently on sale, and while some pieces of trim and mechanisms inside do betray its van roots, it feels luxurious enough to make the driver and passengers feel special. In turning the V-Class into the EQV, Mercedes has had to work hard on the sound insulation and we have to applaud their results. Some of these vehicles are too compromised as a result, but many are actually quite compelling, and I think the actually has a lot going for it, even if it is still just an electric version of the V-Class that you know as the Metris in the US.
Air Suspension The 11
My tester also had the excellent optional Burmester sound system, cabin mood lighting and Thermotronic automatic climate control What has Mercedes done to the V-Class to create the EQV? 8 inches Num
The most obvious giveaway, especially from a distance and at a glance, are the different wheels, but if you get closer you will also spot the subtle EQV badges on the front fenders, the EQV 300 badging on the rear, the charging port door located on the left corner of the front bumper, and if you get really close, you will also spot there is no exhaust poking out from under the rear bumper 93-meter 76-inch width a bit daunting, but thanks to a steering system that allows for a lot of lock, the vehicle is actually more maneuverable than you would think
Then you access its 204 horsepower and 362 Nm 266 pound-feet of torque - the vehicle also makes a very interesting sound when you floor it while on the move, a kind of angry vacuum cleaner noise that somehow enhances the sensation of accelerating Coil Springs
6-ton weight, soft, floaty suspension setup and excellent insulation, it is probably the most serene minivan experience you will ever have
Design The V-Class on which the EQV is based is already quite a handsome commercial vehicle, and with the posh trinkets of the electric version, it really does look quite special on the road 59 inches Rear Axle : 164
7 feet Curb Weight : 2635 kg OR 5809 lbs Weight-Power Output Ratio : 12 98 inches Length : 514 cm or 202
In all fairness, you really have to get close to the EQV to spot that it is, in fact, the electric model It's Front Wheel Drive FWD
Once you do get it moving, though, it actually feels really punchy when you need it to be, especially if you put it in sport mode The Mercedes Benz EQV 300 Long has 1 electric engine s Permanent magnet AC synchronous motor
What engine is in Mercedes Benz EQV 300 Long? Charging it from a more common 50 kW station will double that time How much does a Mercedes Benz EQV 300 Long weighs? It also comes with Distronic adaptive cruise control, 360-degree cameras, lane keep assist and lane departure warning, as well as autonomous emergency braking