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23 October 2013 In the near future, the rail fleet will again be modernized, the Combino tramcars having already having been refurbished
Significant portions of the Stadtbahn network were closed between 11 March to 25 October 2013, as the route between Anger and Cathedral Square was not passable due to the redesign of the Fish Market and the rerouting of the Stadtbahn's castle route 1 mi , [ ] making it one of Germany's more moderate-sized Stadtbahn networks
Moreover, after 1990, fares were increased for the first time since 1914, from 15 Pfennig per trip to a level that allowed for a tram operation that was economically sustainable enterprise autovermietung daberstedt erfurt• Only in 1924 could new investments in the network be made, which led to a further doubling of the network by 1930 and the procurement of new tram vehicles
2 km 28 Development of the Erfurt Stadtbahn [ ] In 1996, the Erfurt City Council decided on the extension of the tramway network, and its upgrading into a true "Stadtbahn" system
English• 2013 The tram network was damaged by artillery fire at the end of World War II in April 1945, and tram operations were temporarily suspended until 1946
The bundling of several lines on the same route e. In addition, twelve new three-car Combino trainsets were purchased. in Erfurt city center between and Domplatz leads to even shorter headways on those sections. Further, during the 1950s tram operations recovered and became increasingly profitable. In 1975, the first Tatra KT4 traincars were introduced to replace the old Gotha cars in use at that time on the tramway, and through 1987 the old Gotha cars were removed from service. Soon, three tramlines were in operation, with the designations Red Line, Green Line, and Yellow Line. 2 kilometers 28. 933 million passengers in 2012, which corresponds to about 114,885 passengers per day. Retrieved 25 May 2014.