Wandavision folge 9. The Series Finale (TV Episode 2021)

It introduces Peters as Maximoff's brother "", who was previously portrayed in the MCU by while Peters played a different version of the character in the.



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DeMarco used Vision's introduction in 2015 , which was primarily created by Lola VFX, as the definitive version of the character when approaching the visual effects for him in WandaVision.

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' of WandaVision, there are no new answers, but some well played twists open the door for a host of new questions—and one very unexpected guest.

"Ode to Sparky" 1:48 9.

Perception edited the photos to give them a "weathered, old family photo album feeling".


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Writing [ ] Schaeffer felt the entire decade of 1980s sitcoms were an inspiration for the episode, highlighting , , , , , and in particular.

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At this point, it seems safe to say that Wanda is more likely than not responsible for both the multiverse and the madness parts of that title, and the finale will involve her somehow fully becoming the Scarlet Witch and unleashing some cosmic chaos powers.

What Does This All Mean for Pietro? : 17:48—22:57 Schaeffer was interested in starting to show differences of opinion seep into Maximoff and Vision's marriage, leading to a more "authentic" domestic picture of them compared to the depiction of their relationship in earlier episodes.

Knight also highlighted the strong performances from Olsen and Bettany.

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