Goretzka afd. FC Bayern: Leon Goretzka nennt AfD Schande für Deutschland

"I also did that publicly in part to show people: stop, there's contra here," the 25-year-old from FC Bayern Munich told Welt am Sonntag in an interview 09 RB Leipzig A 18:30 BL 18
Far-right parties only gain traction when people are struggling It works over and over again
Also, many clubs especially St For Leon Goretzka, 25, the year 2020 was truly extraordinary
If you try to suppress it, you are giving them their evidence, but if you allow it to remain, it flourishes It is a party supported by people who deny the coronavirus and who relativise the Holocaust," condemned Goretzka, who claimed that Germany lives "in a democracy that nothing and nobody can break that"
Therefore, systemic issues are not addressed which makes people more susceptible to far right messaging That day, this woman told him how she lived in the Theresiendstadt concentration camp