Brillant aquarium. Aquaristik in Havixbeck: Ihr individuelles Aquarium mit Zubehör

aquarium sets• tests for monitoring water parameters• the right food for your marine fish, shrimps and other crustaceans• Ornamental fish, shrimps and reptiles but also aquatic plants can be kept successfully with sera products.

Every hobby has its challenge but also problems here and there.

aquarium sets• Diese Steckdosenleiste steuert: CO 2, Heizung, Magnetventiele usw.


Here you will find• Through them sera products from Germany are available in 80 countries worldwide.

Highly efficient treatments help rapidly against infections; unique filtration media siporax generates superb water parameters.

Freshwater products sera provides a broad range of products for freshwater aquariums.

This position in central Europe offers logistic advantages and as consequence advantages for the environment, too.

Clever solutions are sought for such situations.