Corona regeln bayern unter 100. Corona Kontaktperson: Diese Kontaktregeln gelten aktuell

5 metres cannot be maintained 2021 Increased border controls between Bavaria and the neighbouring countries Due to the corona situation in Austria and the Czech Republic, Bavaria is intensifying border controls with the two neighbouring countries
Schools and nurseries: Bavarian schools will remain closed until January 31 Motorway A93: Service area "Inntal-Ost"• The tasks for the trial lessons are to be adapted to the changed framework conditions
Memmingen Airport 30 With such protective devices, employees no longer must wear face masks
In addition to the opening of hotels, holiday flats and campsites, the operation of cable cars, river and lake navigation in holiday traffic as well as tourist rail and coach services will be possible again The proof requirement also applies to all entries by air to Bavaria, then also when entering from non-risk areas
If a user has tested positive and has shared this in the app, it reports to other users that they have been near an infected person Dem Personal in den Kinderbetreuungseinrichtungen wird empfohlen, medizinische Masken zu tragen
Since Sunday, Tyrol has been classified as a regular risk area and the Czech Republic as a high incidence area Furthermore, from Wednesday onwards, meetings in private and public spaces are only possible with a maximum of five people as well as events with a maximum of 25 people inside and 50 people outside
In vaccination centres, however, the current procedure with the fixed vaccination order is to remain in place For events in the district, the maximum number of participants is 25 inside and 50 outside
2020 New corona loosening and extended contact restrictions in Bavaria As of today, further corona loosening measures are in force in the Free State, which mainly concern events and activities However, according to Head of State Chancellery Herrmann, a renewed ban on accommodation would still be possible if the corona situation made it necessary
There are also new rules for people attending church services: they must now wear a face mask when seated and are no longer allowed to sing According to the new regulations, only five people are allowed to meet there in public places - including meetings in restaurants and in private settings
The centralised oral examinations in foreign languages will also be postponed In principle, people entering from these areas need a negative corona test result at the time of entry, which must not be older than 48 hours

1, restrictions on movement will apply in the district of Rottal-Inn from tomorrow, Tuesday.

Furthermore, if the early warning value in a region is exceeded, the local authorities may impose a ban on alcohol in the catering trade from 11 pm onwards.

Moreover, nursery schools in Bavaria will also remain closed, but emergency childcare will be set up there.

2021 Bavaria launches web portal for corona vaccination appointments Anyone living in Bavaria who wants to be vaccinated against the corona virus can now get on a waiting list online.

Within this exception, children under the age of 14 of one family may be brought to a firmly chosen other family on a regular basis.

In the Czech Republic, on the other hand, travel from Bavaria is possible without testing and quarantine if the stay in the Czech Republic does not exceed twelve hours.

The possibilities at a glance.

"We don't have bathing weather either", a spokesman for the local tourism industry announced.

Where the incidence exceeds 100 for three days in a row, corresponding relaxations in the leisure sector no longer apply.

However, hygiene rules apply in these areas: In closed rooms, where a face mask is required, up to 50 guests are allowed and outside up to 100 guests.

In addition, climbing gyms and fitness centres may reopen from tomorrow Monday onwards, subject to the observance of distance regulations and hygiene concepts.

Geimpfte sind ab sofort negativ getesteten Personen gleichgestellt.

However, the current mask requirement from the fifth grade onwards as well as mandatory testing will remain in place at Bavarian schools.