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A racier version of , it gets more power, a host of track-focused chassis updates, and a fair bit of cosmetic changes Ah, a key question
The Clubsport S version came next the same year A Clubsport badge anywhere to be seen
Is it as rewarding as those cars? It had 310 horsepower and was limited edition as only 400 units were made available for purchase Anyone else get the impression this is the car the engineers wanted to develop the whole time? But If You Want The Best Mk8 Golf: Of course, the top speed run above was done on the unrestricted sections of the German Autobahn
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But you have to, each flick leaving a bad taste in your mouth, because once away from towns or motorways, where the seven-speed twin clutch is proficient, the gearbox makes some odd choices There's also a new "Vehicle Dynamics Manager" that integrates the engine's output with the electronically locking differential and the car's optional adaptive suspension, monitoring things like grip, steering angle, and pedal position to deliver the most performance during any given situation
Via: Motor1 As suggested by the heading, the Golf 8 Clubsport has an interior that is dependent on a touchpad to interact with and engage any desired function of the car There's also 296 lb-ft of torque—22 more lb-ft versus the standard car
That feeling extends to the DSG gearbox: it's a struggle to find any meaningful fault with its operation, but why it is made to seem so lifeless via the switch lever or tacky buttons remains a mystery. Those front axle changes have conferred some additional weight to the steering, which is welcome, with the whole car seemingly more willing to get into a bend as well - the revised rear suspension ensures the Golf is still cohesive rather than overly pointy. The Clubsport feels both focused and accommodating, which is exactly what a modern hatch should feel like. There's also wider side skirts to give off a sportier vibe, a bespoke exhaust setup with oval tips, and standard 18-inch alloy wheels. Here's how to disable adblocking on our site.