Arabische liga. 1967 Arab League summit

Two summits are not added to the system of Arab League summits:• 1 22 44—72 Demographics Main article: The Arab League is a culturally and ethnically one association of 22 member states, with the overwhelming majority of the League's population identified as on a cultural ethnoracial basis. —28. In addition, there are smaller but significant numbers of , , and. 8 14 6,006,668 404 1,046 15 4,550,368 756 1,958 16 4,424,762 9. The area comprises deep forests in southern and parts of the world's longest river, the. 19 January 2005. Di segs Grindigsmitglider sin , Irak, Transjordanie, Libanon, Saudi-Arabie un Syrie gsii. , Algier 5. Economic resources See also: and The Arab League is rich in resources, such as enormous and resources in certain member states. 158-160• Her existence and her independence among the nations can, therefore, no more be questioned de jure than the independence of any of the other Arab States.