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Daher ist er auch weltweit so gefragt.

Several Brazilian states in the North and Northeast regions had already signed contracts for the acquisition of more than 30 million doses.

The head of the Gamaleya Research Institute Alexander Ginzburg estimates that it will take 9—12 months to vaccinate the vast majority of the Russian population, assuming in-country resources are adequate.

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29 June 2021.

Press release 170: 113—141
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Shields M ed Kirill Dmitriev, head of the fund, told reporters that over 1 billion doses of the vaccine are expected to be produced in 2021 outside of Russia
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Dezember 2020, abgerufen am 4 United States• all presented studies were performed on vaccine doses produced in laboratory, rather than in the manufacturing facility supplying vaccine for the mass market, which makes the results not representative• Abgerufen am 10
Lowe D 28 April 2021 Moldova• On 8 May 2021, the sent a letter to the newspaper requesting the removal of the statements of the drug regulator, calling them "unsubstantiated and false" and "fake news"
Canada• On 16 June, Reuters reported that approval of Sputnik V will be delayed at least until September because not all the necessary clinical data has been submitted by the deadline Retrieved 12 April 2021
Feb The RDIF announced plans to sell 100 million doses to India, 35 million to , and 32 million to , as well as 25 million each to and