Shelly anschließen. Shelly anschließen

Strom und Schalter ausschalten Never be late Blinds, electrical devices, lights, you can control them all by creating complex scenes through the Shelly Cloud app
The device will turn off the circuit immediately if it detects a consumption higher than the predefined one Door Bell notification Often, when you are at home and doing various things at the same time, you can miss out on the postman or your guests
Lebensgefahr Egal ob die Installation des Klassikers , die Varianten Shelly 1PM mit Verbrauchsmessung , Shelly 1L ohne Neutralleiter nutzbar oder Shelly 2
All you need to have is Shelly i3 and other Shelly devices installed Der Platz ist allerdings zum Teil sehr knapp bemessen, was den Einbau eines Shelly Moduls zur Herausforderung machen kann
Now, when you are leaving in a rush, you can turn off all the lights with just one push or simultaneously turn off the lights and drop the blinds in seconds Integrierbar sind sie dementsprechend z
Soll ein Shelly in einem Altbau installiert werden, bei dem kein Neutralleiter vorhanden ist, kann ein Draht zu einer darunter liegenden Steckdose gezogen werden Installation des Nutzers
eu, in particular on the basis of the available circuit diagrams, may only be carried out by a trained specialist Festlegen, ob die Steuerung von Shelly per Cloud erfolgen soll oder nicht
Oft ist jedoch keine Dauerphase L zu finden, weshalb sie durch eine geschaltete Phase ersetzt werden muss With Shelly 1, when leaving home, you can easily open and close your garage door without worrying that you may have left it open
With an overall size is less than 15 Complex scenes control Manually activate or deactivate any created scene
Size matters Shelly i3 is even smaller and thinner than Shelly 1 As many as 5 actions per Shelly device allow you to control up to 5 other devices at once
With the voice assistants, you can command Shelly 1L with your voice without having a smartphone around. Submit It is necessary to accept the terms in order to proceed! Why Shelly 1 The most intelligent device you can have. Sounds familiar? So kann z. Each Shelly can be integrated and works with all other Shelly devices in the Shelly app. Having Shelly i3 installed, you can check or receive a notification if you have forgotten any switch on forgotten lights. Just put the shelly behind the existing wall switch.