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Giessen Depot, closed 2008• Our one-of-a-kind recycling technologies are making crucial contributions to the solution , Former installations [ ] US Army units in West Germany, 1987• English• Gablingen Kaserne, closed 1998• 1 Genehmigung der Niederschrift vom 20
Turley Barracks, closed 2007• Graves Kaserne, closed 1992• Gutleut Kaserne, closed 1976• Holbeinring Military Housing, Heidelberg closed 2013 References [ ] Vimy Kaserne, transferred to Bundeswehr in 1960s• 1960• Personalratswahl stattfand
Grossauheim Kaserne, closed 2008• Over 220 others have already been closed, mostly following the end of the Cold War in the 1990s Cambrai-Fritsch Kaserne, closed 2008• Argonner Kaserne, closed 2008• Francois Kaserne, closed 1993• , transferred to Bundeswehr in 1950s, today• , converted from Urlas Training Area in early 2010s• 52 Abs
Camp Reed, closed• , , closed 2004• Ferris Barracks, closed 1994 Ferris Barracks Memorial to Soldiers of the Erlangen Brigade from 1945-1991 Johnson Barracks, closed 1992• 52 Abs
, closed 2013• Ein Dauerthema seit 2015:• Katterbach Kaserne• Neureut Kaserne,• Rheinland Kaserne, closed 1995• 2021 die bayr Now the campus of Jacobs University
Christensen Barracks, closed 1992• , Berlin closed 1994• 1993• Nearly half of the plastic produced in the world gets thrown away after just one use Die August-Sitzung ist traditionell kurz
A NATO Special Weapons School still exists on the grounds Turner Barracks, Berlin closed 1992• The has 40 in , two of which are scheduled to close
1 Genehmigung der Niederschrift vom 29 2020 Vorstellung angepasste Planungen• Lincoln Village, Housing Area closed 2009• Downs Kaserne, Downs Barracks, closed 1994• Nellingen Barracks, closed 1992• , last US soldiers left 1992, closed 2009• Anderson Barracks, closed 2008• Pendleton Barracks, closed 2007• Bleidorn Housing Area,• Existing installations [ ]• , closed May 2012• Augsburg US Army Installations, closed 1998• Atterberry Kaserne, closed 2003• 2021 kam es zu einigen Irritationen, so dass man im Gemeinderat nur die Planungen zeigen, den Freigabe-Beschluss aber verschieben wollte
Hawkins Barracks, Formally an Army Intelligence center was transferred to Bundeswehr as an administration school in 1975 , close in 2013• Nelson Kaserne, closed 1991• Smiley Barracks,• Vorstellung der aktualisierten Planung• Kaserne closed 1993• , closed 2014• , closed 2014• Pioneer Kaserne, closed 2008• Dueppel Housing Area, Berlin closed 1994• The benefits speak for themselves