Mkg hamburg. Tobias Mörike

Dates TBA Opening hours Tue — Sun: 10:00 a. Here you can find up to the minute information and photo material on exhibitions, events and the MKG as well as the press archive. Looking at it in terms of the global impact of waste, ifa organised the exhibition along the lines of an innovative and co-creative format that involves a team of curators from seven regions who are showcasing 76, new-generation works by designers who work ethically and ecologically. The exhibition explores the international design trends as a response to how to treat waste and cheap materials to make something that is of greater value and long-lasting, and therefore more sustainable. Check out the MKG's current and upcoming exhibitions on the. After you have entered your contact details you can download photo material. The museum was opened in 1877 and is located in a neo-renaissance palace. de All rights reserved - No materials may be reproduced without prior permission of hamburg. Stefan Sagmeister takes visitors to the MKG - Museum of Arts and Tradecrafts - in Hamburg on a sensually pleasurable expedition into his own world of beauty, treating them to spectacular interactive and multimedia installations.