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Download them completely free — no attribution required. If you have a taste for science fiction, this alien insider blue background would be an awesome pick for your laptop background. I could just as easily used the hexadecimal or RGB color values and the result would've been the same. Another reason for the popularity of blue might be its many varied hues. Incorporate this soothing color into your life and be benefited its positive aspects — download these top blue for free, or pay for the premium ones. This in and of itself is a double-edged sword, though: yes, there is no shortage of cool blue backgrounds to choose from, but the popularity of the color blue also means it will be hard for the blue background of your website to stand out in a sea pun intended of other web pages. Pablo Picasso used Prussian blue to create every piece of work he created during his famed Blue Period. Gradient Topography is a newly minted project by me as a response to the by the Codrops crew.

Even so, trade wars between Europe and America erupted over demand for the dye which could be used in a variety of textile applications, from blue jeans to blue wallpaper.

For example, in tags and that use color codes, you could use "red" instead of " FF0000".

The circles covering the background range from light to dark blue shades which altogether form an abstract scene which would make a gorgeous backdrop for your tablet or desktop or netbook or playbook.

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So why are people across the globe so drawn to the color blue? blue backgrounds,light blue background,dark blue background,blue background wallpaper It is also said to release calming chemicals in our body, and people are believed to be comparatively more productive in blue rooms.

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