Bill kaulitz sexualität. Ist Bill Kaulitz schwul? Er spricht über seine Sexualität

In February 2008, the band toured North America for five dates, starting in Canada and finishing up in New York. Ist Bill Kaulitz schwul - oder ist er's nicht? Heidi ended her post with a call for her 7. Articulation of the Subaltern in German Pop Culture? Er ist mein Alter Ego, weil ich vor 3 Jahren ein großer Fan von Tokio Hotel war. Homo, hetero, bi oder ganz was anderes? Bill Kaulitz is rumored to have hooked up with Kim Paradise 2008. July 13, 2011, at the , 2009-8-1. Tokio Hotel were the first German act since Nena to gain success internationally, and maintain their status. Kaulitz was unable to speak for ten days afterwards and had to undergo speech therapy for one month.

Tom had returned from a tour with his band days earlier and also felt sick around the same time, so the two went into a self-quarantine, though Tom seems to be breaking free that now that he's gotten a clean bill of health.

Wenn sie von normalen darauf angesprochen werden, reagieren sie wie ihre heiligen Schafe und blöken einen an.

In 2007, the band released their second German-language album, , and their first English-language album, , which have combined album sales of over 2.

Part 2 will commence with dates in the United States, followed by dates in Latin America Part 3 and Russia Part 4.

The outing came as Bill Kaulitz revealed Tom has tested negative for the.