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This article has been translated from German and was updated since its first publication. The rivalry between the two was bitter — and on occasion, simply out of control. The Union in the survey cellar, Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet 60 badly damaged — six weeks before the federal election, the Union is deeply in crisis! Yet he quickly became a strong partner for Merkel, ending the days when the Seehofer-led CSU occasionally appeared to act as the strongest opposition party to their CDU partners. The political scientist from Passau, who is himself a member of the CSU, has been persecuting the party for decades. Oberreuter is alluding to the fact that the old milieus of the popular parties are dying out and that results beyond 40 percent belong to history. While approval polls favor Soeder over Laschet, only two candidates from socially conservative Bavaria have run for chancellor since 1980 and both lost. Ambition and patience Ironically, although the 54-year-old highlights his loyalty and dedication to Bavaria in almost every statement, he is in fact something of an outsider. Your Getty Images representative will discuss a renewal with you. That may have been mentioned as a small nickname — or to automatically distance oneself from any responsibility, as it were.

The rest is a tie.

Tests• But the Union is not such a team.

As the chair to the council of state premiers, he has played a prominent part in crisis meetings.

His quick, clear declarations — from closing schools to stopping professional football — left other state premiers trailing behind him, particularly Armin Laschet, leader of Germany's most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, who eventually beat him to be the conservative bloc's candidate to succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor.

Sometimes these are really great, then they are really bad again.

But it may also be a sober consequence of the crashing failure that we have just experienced.

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focus group presentations• The first consequence is a very pragmatic requirement.

Germany will elect a new leader after 16 years under Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sept In order to finalize your project with the material you downloaded from your EZA account, you need to secure a license
Why can he still not leave it? Author: Christoph Strack Just 1
" The subtext of that speech was the CSU's age-old message: Bavaria is fine as long as the CSU is fine Bavaria will grow
3 percent of those questioned loudly Reuters do not have a good picture of Laschet So is there nothing at work but hurt vanity? The Green party, which took 8
CDU-CSU caucus leader Ralph Brinkhaus said in an interview with ARD television that he wants a decision to be made this week so that the conservative bloc can forge ahead with its election campaign A change of candidate would also cause an uproar in the CDU
That may motivate such statements The Christian Democratic Union and its smaller Bavarian sister-party, the Christian Social Union, are holding separate leadership meetings Monday
The main topic, however, was Afghanistan, the aftermath and — this is precisely where there is a certain surprise — the USA more on the subject — Is there a new 2015? But now, five weeks before the election date on September 26th, the question arises: What is this now? The post he currently holds as Bavarian Minister is a much sought after role, and many political commentators note he might not want to give up
And, as observers have continually cautioned: this is an election where there is a lot to lose Your EZA account will remain in place for a year
Professor Heinrich Oberreuter, for example Laschet has no idea how he wants to position the country
"His only real political goal was to become chief minister of Bavaria Rough cuts• "We all have to go a step further now," she told the newspaper