Delikato currywurst sauce. Currywurstsoße

sliced in thick, bite-sized pieces• Man kennt das ja von Chili-con-Carne, da kommt meist auch etwas Zimt hinein 1 Tbsp
Mustard Seeds• There is an estimate that about 800 Million Currywursts are sold each year and knowing that, it probably makes perfect sense that there is also a book about the invention of the Currywurst, a Currywurst coin and a Currywurst Museum let it cool, loaded uo a bunch of smaller bottles, I loved it, my German friend loved it too
served with mini wood or plastic fork s to be eaten on the go• Just east of Lake Geneva, however, there is a store in the non-public part of the building which is a slaughterhouse Best recipe for Curry Ketchup on the internet
Ginger• For a period of time there was even a museum devoted to currywurst in Berlin Start by sauteing diced onion in the vegetable oil over medium heat
In a nutshell the key features of currywurst are:• dusted with curry powder• 2 tsp Add the curry powder, paprika, cloves and cinnamon and cook for 30 seconds
Mix and simmer for awhile longer until the sauce thickens. You sometimes add the curry powder is only on top of the sauce, after serving. Image courtesy via I grew up in Germany eating and enjoying many a Currywurst. thanks for the recipe. Die gibt es hier gelegentlich zwar auch, ist aber kein Vergleich. It definitely improved with the 12 hours in the fridge as you suggested and my daughter loved it so much she begged the leftovers to take home with home with her! Even though it has become vastly popular around the entire country, Berliner currywurst remains the gold standard. Hundreds of competitors tried to recreate it over the years resulting in hundreds of recipes. Today the currywurst remains popular throughout all of Germany and can be found at most Schnellimbisse fast food stands. Von Cola mal ganz abgesehen, die auch in einigen Rezepturen landet.

You can always buy — truth be told most Germans do not make theirs from scratch and many contemporary stands also use certain well-known brands.

It can be used like ketchup cold or as a warm sauce.

4 Tbsp.

Prepare the sauce as mentioned above and pan-fry the bratwurst with natural oil on medium heat until it browned and the casing starts cracking.

Like Worcestershire sauce that came to Germany with the British soldiers.

She went to work experimenting on a sauce that would provide much needed contrast to the limited post-war rations the people were accustomed to living on, a flavorful spicy sauce poured over Bratwursts hot off the grill that she would patent two years later.