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The investigation has concluded that he was the sole perpetrator of the attack, but doubts remain as to whether he acted alone. The bombing was attributed to the right-wing extremist and student who was instantly killed in the attack as the bomb exploded prematurely. It is unacceptable that the secret service Verfassungsschutz escapes any control, functioning as a state within the state with the power to determine which of its files are handed over to investigators and which are not. Hundreds of other possible lines of inquiry were kept open; however, according to the investigating authorities, all proved to be dead-end roads. All rights reserved. 336—342. .
However, police were never able to track down these two men Assassinated in 1989 "in a military operation of a complexity without precedent" Supposed "lone nut" perpetrator of the 1980 Ahmad Massoud
We are pleased to share previously unpublished materials with the community under creative commons license 4 He talked several times with two friends about a bomb attack for which left-wing terrorist group would be blamed in the public opinion, thus increasing public support for right-wing parties in the
Likewise, the precise details of the Oktoberfest attack have not been clarified The court allowed other important questions to go unanswered
0 Attribution-NoDerivatives The is an outdoor beer festival held during a 16-day period running from late September to the first weekend in October, celebrating in , Germany
2014 investigation [ ] The case was reopened in December 2014 following years of campaign by relatives, victim representatives, lawyers, journalists and politicians in German
A highly suspicious terrorist bombing that was initially blamed on "Muslims", then on and
An explanation might be that the attack aimed at adding fuel to an already fractious political climate by putting the blame on left-wing terrorists Despite the interrogation of some 1,008 witnesses and survivors, along with the extensive review of 300,000 documents from national authorities—including radical right-wing records from the 1970s—, the federal prosecutor's office concluded that "There were not sufficient indications for the involvement of other people either as accomplices, instigators or helpers", adding however that the hypothesis "cannot ruled out"
The then mayor of Munich, , said: "Neither this State, nor this city or its citizens will be held to ransom by criminals Compared to the WTC Twin Towers, few people have seen video footage of the collapse of the 47-story WTC building 7, but the event was predicted and recorded by at least 3 TV networks and exactly resembles a controlled demolition
This group mainly operated in Bavaria until it was banned before the attack in January 1980. However, when the factions of the Green Party and the Left Party in the German Bundestag sued for disclosure, the Federal Constitutional Court — with the court stating that in the very few cases in which the parliamentary right of information outweighed governmental interests, Parliament had a right to disclosure. University of California Press. He claims to have evidence that during the crucial pre-election phase, Strauss deeply feared the likelihood of embarrassing charges that he had failed to clamp down on the activities of a major right-wing extremist group, and preferred to pin the attack on a lone and potentially deeply misguided geology student. The most important pages in the file were clearly missing. The statement said prosecutors would not limit themselves to the evidence provided by the female witness, but would "pursue all leads … new and comprehensively. " A portrait of was found after the attack hung above his bed.