Mannheim corona. Corona in Mannheim: Inzidenz über 35! Countdown für Verschärfungen läuft

However, only events may take place that are of occupational necessity.

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The seven-day incidence of coronavirus cases in Mannheim exceeded above 10 for five continuous days, so the below regulations apply from 26 July 2021 onwards.

The masks have been tested by the university and meet the quality requirements of EN149.

Information on• If necessary, the health authorities will officially inform the participants about the next steps in this case of infection.

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Prioritization was lifted as of June 7, 2021.

but also in enclosed spaces in private meetings, cafeterias, restaurants or sport facilities you are required to wear a medical mask FFP1 or FFP2. regularly air rooms. If you have been vaccinated at a vaccination center, they will be sent by post or made available online. 97 24,406 Romania 1,087,509 56. We kindly ask for your understanding. Retail business may open. We hope that the forms will be updated this week.